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Brett Jenkins
Below is a list of dances which have been taught at classes with Brett Jenkins in 2007...

Beginner:   Angel Lies (J. Wyllie)
Bright Side Of The Road (N. Friel)
      Black Coffee (H. O'Malley)
Bird On A Wire (J. Wyllie)
Cruisin (N. Hale)
Coastin (R & T. Yeoman)
Hot Rod Heart (I. Mead)
Junk Yard Dog (K. Bailey)
Man In The Moon (T. Gauci)
Midnight Waltz (J. Thompson)
No Way Jose (S. Johnson)
Red Hot Salsa (C. Browne)     
                     Rock Around The Clock (Unknown)
Summer Holiday (L. Deering)
Silk and Satin (E. Khinoo)
Sweet Sweet Smile (F. Scott & J. Two-step)
Southern Delight (R. Corsi-Lord & F. Lord)
Senorita Sway (M. Perron)

Early Intermediate:   Angel Lies (J. Wyllie)
Azzano (C. McKee)
Beat Me Daddy (J. Follett)
Chains Of Gold (J. Wyllie)
Cannibal Stomp (L. Firth)
Heart Of An Angel (W. Brown)
Hey Good Lookin' (C. Mckee)
Hasta Manana (C. Skeeters)
Junkyard Dog (K. Bailey)
Let' Begin The Beguine (J. Wyllie)
My Love 4U (T. Gauci)
Nada Waltz (C. Williams)
Rock N Roll Waltz (Unknown)
Rollin With The Flow (D. Mitchell)
Stronger (T. Gauci)
Senorita Sway (M. Perron)
Stone Cold Sober (J. Bishop)
Thursday's Cha Cha (T. Hogan)
You're The One That I Want (L. Burgess)
                                     Zjozzy's Funk (Petra van der Velden)

Intermediate:     A Cowboy and A Dancer (S. Paterson)
Amigo (C. Sulliavan)
Birth Of The Blues (C.McKee)
      Bridges To Your Heart (B. Jenkins & J. Talbot)
Be Like Grace Kelly (B. Jenkins)
Baby's Got My Number (S. Dixon & K. Dale)
Because Of You (R. McGowan Hickie)
Cowboy Up (T. Gauci)
Country Comes To Town (C. Sullivan)
      Champaigne On Ice (M. Vera-Lobos)
      Can't Let Go (T. Hogan)
Don't Try To Pick Me Up (R. Mackay)
Don't Say (L. Smallwood)
Everybody's Someone (M. Gallagher)
      Foolish (T. Hogan)
Give It Away (B. Jenkins)
I'm Alive (G. Elliot)
Just A Two Step Away (R. Mackay)
     Learning From You (B. Jenkins & E. Sippel)
My Red High Heels (J. Wyllie)
Not Forgotten (R. Mackay)
Not Lost (B. Jenkins)
       Someone 2 Love (T. Gauci)
That's Amore (P. Smith)
Thunderbolt (B. Bader) 
Thirsty Work (T. Hogan)
This Woman Needs (G. Elliot)
Titanic (S. Ward)
To Love Somebody
Walk Back To Me (P. Metelnick, A. Biggs & D. Albro)
       We Got Tonight (M. Vera-Lobos)

Advanced:  And Still (L. Olsen)
Don't Feel Like Dancing (P. Stott)
Hard For The Money (A. Lefebour)
I Told You So (B. Jenkins)
Nothing Much (G & C Parker, L. Wolfe & R. Groot)
Somebody Save Me (J. Talbot)
The Chosen One (S. Ward)
This Crazy Life (C. Proudfoot)
The Woman In My Life (M. Simpkin & K. Moore)
Talking In My Sleep (M. Vera-Lobos & M. Parrish)
Two More Bottles Of Wine (L. Olsen)
Wild Ponies (M. Simpkin)
Would You Go With Me (C. Sullivan & T. Lee)

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