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Dances Taught In 2006 with
Brett Jenkins
Below is a list of dances which have been taught at classes with Brett Jenkins in 2006...

Beginner:    Bar Room Romeo (R. Holiday)
Go-Go Stomp (G & E Nelson)
Infatuation (B. Larson)
Magic Moments (S. Coats)
Rendezvous (J. Wyllie)
Restless (J. Van Der Helm)
Speak To The Sky (K. Davies)
       Wrangler Butts (G. Elliott)
Early Intermediate:  Black Dresses (M. Barr)
Before The Devil (A. Birchall)
Join The Line (B. Jenkins)
Jambalaya (I. St Leon)
Love You Like That (I. Dunn)
Make Love To Me (S.Paterson)
Mary Lou (I. St Leon)
Summer Holiday (L. Deering)
      Sweet Sweet Smile (Johnny Two-Step & Fi Scott)

Intermediate:      Cry Yourself A River (T & M Glover)
      I Loved Her First (Carol McKee)
Ideal Fate (S. Kerrigan)
It's Up To You (K. Ray)
Listen To The Radio (B. Jenkins)
      Love Letters (H. McAdams)
      Lila Flamenco (G. Teather)
Steppin' Out (S. Paterson)
       Stumblin' & Fallin' (T. Hogan)
Advanced:  Before The Devil Knows (G. Elliott)
Gloria (Teresa & Vera U.K.)
Keep On Dancing (R. Hickie)
Stars Go Blue (S. Paterson)
Stone The Crows (S. Ward)
Tim Mcgraw (S. Paterson)
There's More To Me (P. Fry)
The Only One (B. Jenkins)
Unlove You (B. Jenkins)


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